Learn About The Crew 2’s Fancy New Cars in the January Vehicle Drop

Ivory Tower and Ubisoft have been keeping the content coming in The Crew 2, including free updates and paid DLC drops. In January 2019, we’re getting some exciting The Crew 2 DLC, and it features some fancy cars: The 2016 BMW M6 GT3 and the 2016 Mercedes-Benz GLC 250 4Matic Coup.

The former, the BMW M6 GT3, features a slick aerodynamic design and shows off the German brand’s iconic “M” Motorsport stripe. It’s a great vehicle for touring. As for the latter, the Mercedes-Benz GLC 250 4Matic Coup, it’s ideal for those who have a hard time choosing between an SUV and a Coupe. It includes “high-end features [that] make for an unparalleled experience.” This vehicle is made for street racing.

The Crew 2 DLC

This month’s The Crew 2 DLC is currently available for players who own the Season Pass and will be released on January 9, 2019 for everyone else. Ubisoft has announced that content drops will release at the beginning of each month going forward, instead of at the end. You can download these cars at no additional charge if you own the Season Pass.

The January Vehicle Drop Trailer shows these beautiful cars in action, giving us a look at how they perform and sound. Will you be jumping into The Crew 2 this month and trying out these new cars? Or are you happy with the ones you already have in the game? Let us know!