The Crew 2 Headlines the Three New PlayStation Now Games for January 2021

The first Tuesday of the new month has arrived, bringing with it new PlayStation Plus titles and, more importantly, new PlayStation Now titles. Starting from today, PS Now subscribers can try out The Crew 2, Frostpunk: Console Edition, and Surviving Mars, two of which are permanent additions to the service.

January 2021 PS Now Games

The Crew 2 is Ubisoft’s latest racing title. Players aim to be the most successful American racer across multiple disciplines. Whether its freestyle or a more structured racing environment, there’s a range of cars, bikes, boats and planes to race through the persistant open world. There’s the option to compete against friends, or you can race against the game’s AI if nobody else is available. The PS Now version will, of course, make use of all of the vehicle update released of the game so far.

Those who prefer city-building have two options this month. The first is Frostpunk: Console Edition, which takes players back to the late 19th century, only this time in an alternate history timeline. Both Krakatoa and Mount Tabora have erupted and the sun has dimmed. Between them, they’re causing a protracted volcanic winter that’s caused crops to fail. Millions have died. To counter this, generators have been built to create heat from the environment. Players have to build a city next to one of these generators, making sure it’s sustainable in the long run.

Finally there’s Surviving Mars. As the title suggests, players have to form the first human colony on the Red Planet. A space agency will be there to support you with resources and finance, but it’s up to you to keep your colonists alive, happy and healthy. With oxygen levels, sandstorms and weird black cubes getting in the way, it won’t be easy.

While The Crew 2 is this month’s headlining title, it’s the only one of the three available for just a limited period of time — the game will be available until July 5, 2021. Both Frostpunk and Surviving Mars are available on PlayStation Now permanently.

[Source: PlayStation Blog]