Andrew House on Gaikai in North America: “Probably at the Beginning We’ll Operate it as a Beta Test”

Sony hasn’t been very forthcoming about their worldwide plans for the release of Gaikai, just that it will start at some point in early-ish 2014 in North America, but as SCE President Andrew House told Weekly ASCII Plus (via Dualshockers), it may begin as a beta test:

Probably at the beginning we’ll operate it as a beta test. The actual titles and the methods of purchase are still being planned at this stage.

House also made the announcement at TGS about how Sony was planning to sell 5 million PS4s before the end of this fiscal year (March 2014). They came to that lofty number after looking at the 1 million pre-orders as of gamescom and “afterwards the positive interest from the users continued to grow, so we set a large goal.”

With the PS4 10x more powerful than the PS3, and much more affordable, Andrew says that the reaction in the American market has been “very positive,” while it also being a “full fledged multi-functional entertainment device out of the box” helping out as well.

Do you think a beta would be a smart move for Sony to ensure a smooth launch of Gaikai next year? Let us know in the comments below.