Shuhei: God of War Collection & Dead Nation for PS Vita Still “In Development”, “No Plans” Yet for PS Vita 2000 in the West

With Sony seemingly having laid out their complete holiday 2013 slate of video games (Tearaway, Grand Turismo 6, Ratchet & Clank: Into the Nexus, etc on PS Vita/PS3) and PS4 launch titles and country details, a couple of notable Vita games missing are Dead Nation and the God of War Collection. Back at the end of September, we heard that it “shouldn’t be too long now,” but nearly a month later, we’ve heard nothing.

Shuhei being Shuhei, he answered a question on his Twitter account about the status of the two MIA PlayStation Vita titles by saying, “In development” when someone asked where they were. It definitely isn’t the exact answer you’d hope for, but it at least confirms they are both still happening.

On the subject of the PlayStation Vita 2000, a Twitter follower asked when it would be released in Europe, because he was thinking of buying a Vita, but would wait for the 2000. Unfortunately, Shuhei replied, “We do not have a plan yet, so please buy next week if you want.”

Mr. Yoshida also received a couple of queries about region locking on the PS4, reiterating that the PS4 itself is region free, but when it comes to Blu-ray movies, those are region locked.

Are you eagerly anticipating the God of War Collection or Dead Nation on your PS Vita? Let us know in the comments below.