DualShock 4’s Share and Options Buttons Mapped to Start and Select on PS3, DS4 Appears to Work on Mac

Yesterday, with the DualShock 4 now available to purchase in Canada and the United States, Shuhei Yoshida confirmed that we’ll be able to use it with our PlayStation 3.

As for how you’ll use the start and select buttons for PS3 games, Shuhei confirmed they’ll be mapped to Share and Options buttons on the DualShock 4, an obvious choice. And, while you do need to have the DualShock 4 connected through USB, it won’t work via the DualShock 3’s charge cable, and you’ll need to use USB microB.

Also, a recent Vine posting (via Kotaku) shows the DualShock 4 working with Hotline Miami on a Mac, so it appears as though the controller will work with your Mac, in addition to the PC and PS3.

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