Sony Worldwide Studios’ PS4 Titles “Will Surpass Your Wildest Expectations”, Every Major Publisher is Creating Games for PS4

Following Adam Boyes’ confirmation of native 1080p for Call of Duty: Ghosts, Mark Stanley, General Manager for SCE Latin America launched into this little speech about the PS4 while on-stage during the Sony Brazil Game Show Conference, revealing what we can expect from some of the future titles:

Our vision with the PlayStation 4 was clear: create the most powerful gaming system ever that will enable the world’s best developers to unleash their imaginations through new breakthroughs games. Games that were never imaginable until PlayStation 4.

Of course, at the end of the day, PS4 is about jaw dropping games that grab hold of us and never let us go. As Adam showed earlier, we have every major publisher creating games for PlayStation 4. In addition, the talented team at [Sony] Worldwide Studios has been hard at work on creating exclusive PlayStation 4 titles that will surpasss your wildest expectations.

With Shuhei Yoshida being the President of Worldwide Studios, I’d expect nothing less.