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Sony Working With Over 200 Partners on New PS Plus Library

Sony Interactive Entertainment CEO Jim Ryan has said that the company is working with over 200 partners on the new PS Plus library. Ryan revealed this during an interview with Sid Shuman on the official PlayStation podcast, where he also talked about Sony’s acquisition plans and what fans can expect from Sony’s network services going forward.

New PS Plus library will cover all sorts of games

PlayStation News December 2021

Ryan previously stated that the new PS Plus library will cover all sorts of games, and will include “every major publisher.” He reiterated this on the podcast, stating that the revamped service will have “massive publisher participation.” “We have all of the big names present,” Ryan told Shuman. “We obviously have PlayStation Studios present, we have big publishers, we have small indie publishers. We have over 200 partners working with us to put their content into PlayStation Plus, so the lineup is going to be really strong.”

Later in the interview, Ryan said that Sony has successfully evolved the PS Plus service over the years, and what started as a way for people to enjoy multiplayer ended up becoming much more than that. He’s of the view that the Instant Game Collection is “incredibly powerful” and “gamers love it.” “We worked really hard at that,” Ryan concluded.

Opinion: We need a glimpse of the new PS Plus library

Zarmena writes… We know that day-one releases aren’t a thing when it comes to the revamped PS Plus but it’s still unclear what games each tier will offer. All we’ve been told so far is that the Premium and Extra tiers will include games like God of War, Marvel’s Spider-Man/Miles Morales, and Death Stranding. I feel like the announcement could have included more information and less marketing messages. Perhaps, Ryan can take some notes from Phil Spencer.

In other news, here’s a deal to snag PS Plus Premium half off by purchasing PS Now, and Sony’s looking into bringing PS3 emulation to PS5.

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