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Sony’s Jim Ryan: ‘The Days of a 13-Year PS2 Cycle Will Almost Certainly Never Repeat Themselves’

PlayStation Europe’s Jim Ryan speaks out on hardware refreshes.

Laser League trailer

Indie Devs Defend Jim Ryan’s “Indie Games Are Less Relevant” Statement

They can see where he’s coming from.

PS4 Pro Games

Sony Looking Forward to “Selling a Lot of PS4 Pros” This Christmas, Says It Underestimated Demand

About 40% of Pro buyers are upgrading console.

Shadow of the Colossus PS4 Pro

Sony on Their E3 2017 Conference: “It’s Just Not Really Possible to Have Dozens of Announcements at Each Show”

Jim Ryan talks Xbox One X, PS4 Pro, Dreams, and more.

Sony on Lack of PS4 Cross-Play With Xbox & Switch: “We’ve Got to Be Mindful of Our Responsibility to Our Install Base”

It doesn’t sound like PS4 players will be playing with Xbox One/Switch players anytime soon.

Sony: PS4 Is Ahead of Xbox One 2-to-1 in North America, 3-to-1 in Europe

Ryan says backwards compatibility is one of those features that is “not actually used much.”

The PlayStation Vita “Just Didn’t Reach Critical Mass” in the US or Europe, Says Layden

And that’s why they stopped building for it.

Sony’s E3 2017 Lineup Will Include God of War, Spider-Man PS4, Days Gone & More

Expect “big announcements” from Japanese publishers at E3 as well.

Sony: PlayStation VR Sales Top 1 Million, 20% of PS4 Sales Since November Are a Pro

PSVR and PS4 Pro sales have been “restricted by our ability to supply the market.”

Hideo Kojima’s Most Anticipated Game of 2017 Is Red Dead Redemption 2

PlayStation Europe President Jim Ryan looks ahead to 2017.

PS4 Pro: Sony Gives a Feature Breakdown, Netflix & YouTube Now Support 4K

PS4 Pro includes firmware 3.70, so you’ll need to update to 4.05.

Sony: PlayStation VR Launch Sales Will Be in The “Many Hundreds of Thousands”

They’ll be increasing production at the end of 2016.

Sony: There Will Be a “Significant Amount” Of PS4 Pro Stock at Launch & Through Christmas

A “significant amount” of the PS4 Pro user-base will come from the 50 million people buying a 4K TV this year.

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PlayStation VR’s Launch is Going to be “Big,” Says Sony

Ryan also talks about AAA and indies.

Sony’s Jim Ryan Refuses to Rule Out PS4 and Xbox One Cross-Platform Support

“It’s really down to the developer and publisher.”

More PlayStation VR Titles Listed Online, Sony Says PSVR Production is “On Track”

Check out some PAL region covers as well.

E3 2016 – Sony on a Potential PS4 Slim: “We’re Happy With the Shape of the PS4 and What It Does”

“We’re now getting to the stage where you can look at PS4 software and go ‘wow.’”

PlayStation VR Supply Constraints Expected by Sony

Games will typically cost $20 – $40.

Sony Has No Update on Crash Bandicoot Revival But is Aware of Fan Demand

Sony has confirmed that Activision holds the rights.

PlayStation VR Pre-Orders Surpassed Sony Expectations, More Bundles up at Amazon Today

You’ll have to be quick!