Former PlayStation CEO: Xbox Would Have Been Better Announcing an Electric Car Over Activision Acquisition

Former PlayStation President: Xbox Would Have Been Better Off Announcing an Electric Car Over Activision Acquisition

Sony Interactive Entertainment CEO Jim Ryan has not been quiet about Microsoft’s attempts to acquire Activision. And it looks like his scathing comments from PlayStation executives are not just localized to current ones, as the former president of Sony Computer Entertainment Europe, Chris Deering, was also dismissive over the deal.

Jim Ryan and Chris Deering emailed each other about the acquisition

As reported on by The Verge senior editor Tom Warren, this email exchange occurred between Ryan and Deering in January 2022. In the emails, Ryan noted that he was confident that Call of Duty would stay on PlayStation “for many years to come” and that Sony had some “good stuff cooking.” He even stated that he wasn’t “complacent” that it happened, but that Sony will be “more than OK.” This email from Ryan came out during the first week of the Federal Trade Commission trial with Microsoft and Activision.

However, Deering’s reply is new. Deering then responded about Xbox’s play in the mobile space and noted that the buyout would “lure most of the talent to take the money and run as fast as their contracts will allow.” He then said Microsoft is massively overpaying and signed off stating Microsoft would have “been better off announcing a new Electric Car.”

Deering worked at Sony for 15 years. He started in Sony Pictures Home Entertainment in 1990 and went to the PlayStation side in 1995 until 2005.