Jim Ryan talks PS5 success

PS5 on Track to Become Sony’s ‘Most Successful Console Ever,’ Says Jim Ryan

Former PlayStation boss Jim Ryan has said that the PS5 is “on track” to become Sony‘s “most successful console ever.” Ryan made a final appearance on the PlayStation Blog podcast last Friday, during which he opined that Sony’s at the “top of its game” right now.

Jim Ryan says PS5 is successful across ‘multiple vectors’

Ryan’s comments may seem a bit odd and mistimed considering the mass layoffs that PlayStation and its studios just went through. However, he made it clear that he’s taking “multiple vectors” into consideration when he gauges PS5’s performance.

Ryan didn’t say what those vectors are, but on the sales front, the PS5 has sold 54.8 million units as of December 31, 2023. Sony fell behind its ambitious targets, resulting in the company lowering its forecast.

“I’d say right now we’re at the top of our game,” Ryan said. “PlayStation 5 is well on track to be our most successful console ever across multiple vectors and I think the games and the gaming experiences you see on PlayStation 5, lead by PlayStation Studios, are the best that we’ve ever seen.”

Ryan added that the number of games Sony has published on PS5 at this point in its life cycle exceeds anything it has done before.