EA Ends Tiger Woods Partnership, Shows off First Screenshot of Their Next-Gen Golf Title

There was no mention of whether we’ll be getting a next-gen golf game in 2014, but EA Sports has revealed that both they and Tiger Woods have made a “mutual decision” to end their partnership, which includes Tiger’s named PGA Tour golf game.

In its place, EA will keep working with the PGA Tour to create new golf titles, with that particular partnership “[remaining] strong.” Since fans of the series have been asking for more choice and customization, EA is “working on a new approach to deliver the best golf experience to our fans,” with this first next-gen screenshot being revealed:


It appears as though EA won’t be bringing out any more golf titles on current generation platforms either, with the company saying, “EA Sports is committed to creating a new golf experience that leverages the best technologies across EA to deliver a stunning and immersive game for mobile and next generation consoles.”

What do you think of the Tiger Woods and EA partnership ending after all these years? Do you think they’ll sign with another golfer? Let us know in the comments below.