PS4 Doesn’t Give You the Option for PSN Online ID Changes; Parental Control Options Detailed

As we’re just over two weeks away from the PlayStation 4 launch on November 15th in the United States and Canada, Sony has decided to release a Mega PS4 FAQ. Since it can be rather daunting and contains so much information, we’ll be breaking the important information we’ve yet to cover fully into separate posts, hopefully making finding what you need a little easier.

Although it doesn’t mean we won’t see it happen down the road, Sony has confirmed that you won’t be able to rename your PSN Online ID on the PS4. The PS4 does give you the option of allowing your friends to see your real name in addition to your Online ID though, while you can also choose to import a Facebook photo to be your PSN profile picture.

When it comes to the 2,000 friends list that the PS4 allows being displayed on your PS3, the servers will automatically filter your friend’s list, but if you choose, you can set and lock a pre-determined friends list. Support for the ability to display all of your friends in most applications and games is planned, however, some titles will be limited to the current 100 Friends limit.

As for sub-accounts on PS4, they work in exactly the same way as PS3, but you won’t be able to change a child’s PS3 sub-account to a master account on PS4 once they are past the age of 18. If this is the case, it’s recommended you create a new master account.

If you’re wondering what the PS4 parental controls are, they will allow you to set the control level for games, apps and the internet browser. As well:

For each sub account user, there are the controls over the ability to use chat and messaging features, the ability to post and view user-generated media, and the ability to control a monthly spending limit for PlayStation Store purchases. Finally, sub account users cannot link their account with Social Network Services or use their real name or profile picture.

Expect more info on PS4 parental controls at launch.

Are you disappointed to 100% know that we won’t be able to change our PSN Online IDs? Let us know in the comments below.

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