Rainbow Moon Releases for PlayStation Vita on December 3rd in North America, December 4th in Europe

The PlayStation Vita version of Rainbow Moon finally has a confirmed release date of December 3rd in North America and December 4th in Europe, though no specific pricing information was given as of yet.

For Rainbow Moon on PS Vita, you can expect 60fps, “little to no loading times”, and over 30 new features, improvements, and bug fixes. As well, the game will support Cross Saves, meaning that you can continue your progress on PS3, and vice-versa. Cross Saves will also apply to existing Rainbow Moon save files.

Furthermore, XP counters in the victory screen can now be skipped, items can be used directly from the quest vendor, and left-stick control has been improved, reducing the chance of walking in unintended directions while in battle mode.

If you don’t plan on buying the PS Vita version, all the new improvements will be patched into the PS3 version in December.

Here’s Rainbow Moon in action on the Vita:

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