Grand Theft Auto Online $500,000 Stimulus Packages Being Sent Out Now, Expect Yours Within “A Couple of Days”

November 6, 2013Written by Jason Dunning


When Rockstar released patch 1.05 for Grand Theft Auto V yesterday, the said we could expect the $500,000 GTA$ Stimulus Package “in the next couple of days,” with the full distribution taking place over the course of a day.

Well, that’s changed slightly, as numerous people have reported that the money has been deposited into their account, but as Rockstar said on their website, it could take a couple of days for everyone to receive it:

As stated above, the GTA$ Stimulus to be distributed in the next couple of days following this Title Update. The Stimulus will go out over the course of a couple of days once it’s initiated so don’t be alarmed if people on your friends list receive it before or later than you do. Thanks for your continued patience.

Has the money been deposited into your account? What will you be spending it on? Let us know in the comments below.