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PSLS Spotlight – Killzone: Shadow Fall

November 7, 2013Written by Staff


As the PlayStation 4’s biggest and most-anticipated launch title, we’re taking time out of our pre-launch PS4 coverage to put a spotlight on Killzone: Shadow Fall. First announced at the PlayStation Meeting where the PS4 made its debut back in February, Killzone: Shadow Fall instantly became the one launch game everyone was drooling over. The live on-stage demo was impressive, but during the same week, Guerrilla Games Co-Founder and Managing Director of Killzone: Shadow Fall, Herman Hulst joined Jimmy Fallon and special guest Anthony Anderson on-stage to prove that the amazing gameplay was indeed real-time and fully playable.


The Plot

Killzone: Shadow Fall is set 30 years after the catastrophic events at the end of Killzone 3. Helghan has been demolished, and its people forced to flee and take refuge on the neighboring planet Vekta. But the Helghast are like a plague, separated from the Vektan people by a massive wall. But a Cold War is developing between the two factions. But before things can escalate to all-out war, the International Strategic Alliance steps in, sending a military intelligence group called the Shadow Marshals to prevent a wide-spread outbreak of violence and try to keep what little peace is left between them.

The Setting

Unlike the dry, fiery, barren and colorless world of Helghan, Planet Vekta is a bright, lush world teeming with fauna and flowing water. Vekta’s capitol, Vekta City, is built along the edge of a massive dam so that the Vektan people can harness the hydro-power to generate electricity to power the technological wonder it is. Vekta’s atmosphere and Eden-like world is similar to Earth, while Helghan is more similar to Mars, making it a key strategic ally for Earth and the ISA. Both planets have been home to many wars and previous setting to other games in the Killzone franchise.


The Shadow Marshals

Players will take control of Lucas Kellan, an elite Special Forces agent with the Shadow Marshals. Kellan will need to implement new tactics to eliminate the threat of war—everything from under-the-radar stealth-action, to running and gunning and facing all enemies head-on. Luckily, in addition to being armed to the teeth with weapons such as the M82 or stA-52 Assault Rifles, Kellan has his trusty OWL attack drone by his side providing a host of unique advanced tactical abilities. The OWL is controlled with the DualShock 4’s new touchpad by swiping in specific directions for specific tasks that suit whatever the situation may call for—be it attacking foes, shooting ziplines, creating an EMP-like blast to take out electronics, or shield Kellan from incoming fire.

killzone shadow fall owl

The Multiplayer

Following on the heels of the highly successful Killzone 3 mutliplayer, Killzone: Shadow Fall expands and improves upon the experience in every way. Once the ten-hour single-player campaign is over, hop right into fast-paced, strategic and intelligent action, in Shadow Fall’s multiplayer mode. Multiplayer has been slightly simplified across three different character classes—Assault, Scout, and Support—you can use across Warzone and Deathmatch modes, ten different maps (with more due after launch), and 22 weapons at your disposal.


Matches can be fully customized in the Warzone mode, where you set the rules. If you want to jump right into the action, either hop into Deathmatch or search for a suitable Warzone. At launch a Season Pass will be available for purchase that will entitle those who purchase it to download future DLC—at less cost than if the DLC was purchased separately. Future DLC planned includes a four-player co-op mode, three new playable map packs, and two multiplayer expansion packs.

Killzone: Shadow Fall will be available exclusively on the PlayStation 4 at launch on November 15th, 2013.