Shuhei Yoshida on PS4 Overheating, Supporting the PS3 for a “Long Time” After PS4 Launch; Play Memories not at PS4 Launch

November 8, 2013Written by Jason Dunning


As we’ve come to expect, Shuhei Yoshida was very busy this week on his Twitter account, answering lots of people’s questions.

Since many of the topics were varied, we decided to place all the important information (some known, some new) below, in bullet point form:

  • The PlayStation 4 doesn’t have an IR sensor so that universal remote controls can be used.
  • Photo Apps, such as Play Memories, won’t be available at PS4 launch.
  • That blue light on the PS4 “changes colors.” We’ll have to wait and see how many colors it can change to.
  • Sony will support the PS3 with games and online server support for a “long time” after the PS4 launches.
  • When asked how long the PS4 can be on before it overheats or there’s framerate drops, Shuhei said, “No limit, unless you put it in a small shielded compartment.”
  • While you can use your voice to start up games, Shuhei said “I think so” when asked if this applies to Apps as well.
  • Shuhei is still saying “soon” when he was asked when we could expect the red and blue DualShock 4 controllers in North America.
  • You won’t void your PS4 warranty if you replace the HDD.
  • Shuhei only has 2 Platinum trophies and a trophy level of 13.

Have you ever had a question answered, or been trolled, by Shuhei? Let us know in the comments below.