Voice Commands on PS4: PlayStation Camera Picks Them Up, Can Take Screenshots/Start Games With Your Voice

As we’re just over two weeks away from the PlayStation 4 launch on November 15th in the United States and Canada, Sony has decided to release a Mega PS4 FAQ. Since it can be rather daunting and contains so much information, we’ll be breaking the important information we’ve yet to cover fully into separate posts, hopefully making finding what you need a little easier.

The PlayStation Camera won’t be the most heavily supported peripheral at PS4 launch (The PlayRoom requires it), but it will have its uses.

With four microphones integrated into the camera, it obtains accurate sound detection and source origination for voice chat and voice commands. For those voice commands, you can use either the PlayStation Camera, mono headset with the PS4, or other headsets. Once voice commands are enabled, you can start games with just your voice, take a screenshot, and more.

At launch, these languages will be supported (more will follow in updates):

  • English (US and UK)
  • Spanish (European)
  • Italian
  • French (European)
  • German
  • Japanese

You can expect the PlayStation Camera to weigh in at 183, or roughly .4 pounds.

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