Shahid Ahmad: Sports Interactive Director “Spent the First 15 Minutes Saying How Shit Vita Was”

Shahid Ahmad made a bit of a splash earlier this week when he said, “Give me 60fps or give me death” and “There are two words you’re going to hear a lot of when it comes to PS4, and together they change the game: 1080p 60fps.”

Always outspoken, Shahid delivered a keynote at the London Games Conference 2013 (via Develop), where he said, “People say the indie revolution is only just beginning. It’s not. It’s over.”

He continued:

When the power structure shifts to the content creators, the old buildings might still be standing but there’s new people in there. New content creators, with new ways of doing things. That’s what’s happened to PlayStation.

It’s through the experience of the last few years that PlayStation is emerging. We realize we have to be focused and passionate about embracing that new space.

Speaking about some of the troubles surrounding the PlayStation Vita and getting attention from developer, Ahmad revealed how “even our favorite partners like Sega and Sports Interactive” had trouble getting behind the Vita. In fact, Miles Jacobson, Sports Interactive (Football Manager) Studio Director, “spent the first 15 minutes saying how shit Vita was.”

“He wasn’t being rude,” Ahmad continued. “He was being forthright and honest. But what he didn’t know was I had been told to tear up the rule book. You don’t change the course of supertanker by saying you want to go another way. You have to take radical action.”

With Sony putting their support behind so many different indie developers, and getting so many games coming out on the system, they have definitely taken action with the Vita, with Ahmad saying:

In an era of massive fragmentation, the old rulebook doesn’t work. Operating in an environment of trust was the only way to work. We’ve forged open and friendly relationships with developers – in fact our relationship with developers are better than they have ever been.

How were your first 15 minutes with the PlayStation Vita? Let us know in the comments below.

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