Killzone: Shadow Fall Patch Being Worked on to Bring “Crashes Down to Zero”

November 15, 2013Written by Jason Dunning


After many people picked the PlayStation 4 and Killzone: Shadow Fall up at midnight, there have been some gamers reporting crashes. Giving us an update on the situation is the official Killzone Twitter account:

For those of you experiencing rare crashes while playing Killzone, we’ve just fixed something in our backend. All should be normal now. There’s a patch being worked on that’ll fix this in our backend too, and bring any instances of these crashes down to zero.

The account also answered a few user questions, which we’ve placed below:

  • We currently have no plans for 3D support.”
  • We have no plans for Sharpshooter support, sorry.”
  • The reason for no Sharpshooter support is because “we’ve concentrated our efforts on developing and fine-tuning the control scheme for DualShock 4.”
  • After someone suggested Clan Support, they replied, “No need to convince us, we would definitely like to see Clan Support as well.”
  • When asked if there was any chance HUD sway could be patched in, they said, “Is that quite bad on a plasma? We can look into a toggle for plasma owners if there’s a major improvement with that.”
  • The multiplayer modes you can expect are: “Team DM, Capture & Hold, Capture & Move, Capture & Connect, Beacon Retrieval, Beacon Safeguard, Beacon Theft, S&D.”

In related news, Killzone: Shadow Fall is currently $44.99 on eBay via NewEgg.

How’s your experience with Killzone: Shadow Fall so far? Let us know in the comments below.