Killzone: Shadow Fall Won’t Support the PlayStation Move on PS4 at Launch

Once upon a time, Sony was very heavily marketing their PlayStation Move as a great peripheral to use with various first-person shooter titles they had coming out on the PlayStation 3, which prompted many people to wonder if this would carry over into the next generation, starting with Killzone: Shadow Fall.

Victor Zuylen, Editor on, broke the bad news regarding PlayStation Move support for Shadow Fall on the PS Blog today:

We will not support the PlayStation Move for launch. Our focus has been on the new functionality of the DualShock 4, to bring a very precise and intuitive control method to Killzone: Shadow Fall.

Zuylen also said how they’ll be detailing clans further in the next Q&A and “you will be able to switch off the HUD, but not customize it” in Shadow Fall.

We will never forget you, Kevin Butler. Hopefully Sony creates you a brother or brings you back:

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