The Catch-Up: September 25th, 2013 – Listen to the PS4 Start-Up Noise, See Some Newer PS4 UI Shots, Dan Houser Wants to Make Bully 2

PS4 and Controller

… Beep….

General News

  • Worms Revolution Extreme is releasing on the PSN for PlayStation Vita at $14.99/£11.99/€14.99 on October 8th in North America and October 9th in Europe. [Source 1, 2]
  • Ken Levine teased the upcoming BioShock Infinite DLC by saying, “I think you’re gonna like who shows up in #burialatsea #noiaintelling.” That tease. [Twitter]
  • The first of Sony’s PlayStation Developer Open Day will take place on October 7th – 8th at SCEE’s London office on 10 Great Marlborough Street. [Source]
  • Furmins, a game from Housemarque and Beathshapers for the PlayStation Vita, is releasing sometime in October 2013. The physics-based title will have 108 levels over 9 worlds (one is DLC), leaderboards, 12 trophies, multiple solutions for each puzzle, and more. [Press Release]
  • Dan Houser of Rockstar said about a potential Bully sequel, “I know I want to. Well, hopefully, you never know. There’s a lot of directions I could go with that one, it’s funny.” I think a lot of people want you too, Dan. [Source]
  • Analyst firm Cowen & Company has analyzed that Grand Theft Auto V sold 15 million copies during the first three days on the market, and they expect it to sell 25 million copies by the end of the year, with most of the sales top-loaded due to the impending release of next-gen consoles. [Source]
  • There’s nothing stopping a UK PS4 from using US accessories like a DualShock 4 or PlayStation Camera. [Twitter]
  • If you’re still playing DUST 514, there’s some events for you to experience in October. [Check Them Out]
  • The free Autumn Creator Kit for LittleBigPlanet 2 and LittleBigPlanet PS Vita is available now. [Source]
  • If you pre-order Thief before it releases in February, you’ll get the Bank Heist DLC. This includes a mission that is “a true homage to the Bank mission in Thief II: The Metal Age.” [Press Release]

PS4 UI Images

New Videos

  • Orc Attack: Flatulent Rebellion is hitting the PSN for PS3 on October 8th in North America and October 9th in Europe:

  • When you pre-order Batman: Arkham Origins, you get the Deathstroke Challenge Pack, and you can see Deathstroke in action below:

  • Frozen Synapse: Tactics gets a teaser trailer for PS Vita:

  • Hugo Bustillos, PR Manager over at SCEE, posted this video of the PS4 starting up on his Instagram account [Via]:

Are you happy to hear that the PS3 beep is being carried over to the PS4? Or did you want a dragon roaring to be the start-up noise? Let us know in the comments below.