Patch Required for Native 1080p Resolution on PS4 Version of Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag

Hopefully this isn’t something that becomes a common theme, as Ubisoft has announced that Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag requires a patch for native 1080p resolution on PS4, just like Call of Duty: Ghosts.

That patch is expected to be “available shortly after release,” with Associate Producer Sylvain Trottier confirming that the game ships in 900p. Trottier continued:

If it’s running at 720p vs 1080p, you’re going to notice the difference, by far. But if it’s set at a resolution that’s very close, where most of the pixels are already there in internal processing, most people won’t see any difference.

The reason Ubisoft shipped the game at 900p was, as the Ubi Blog says, “To meet an essential goal: deliver a visually brilliant game at a steady 30 frames per second (the industry gold standard for open-world games). Finishing the game at 900p gave the development team the extra room in terms of the GPU and CPU usage to ensure the framerate never dips below 30 frames per second. The team then used the time between the ship date and the release to focus on a title update that could deliver native 1080p resolution on the PS4.”

Trottier then talked about how the most important part of the upcoming patch isn’t 1080p:

It’s the fact that even when we were done with the project, even when we were finished with the certification and everything else, even when most of the engineers had started to work on other projects – like we always do at Ubisoft – some of my engineers continued to work on Black Flag and they even developed a brand-new anti-aliasing technique.

What do you think about having to download a patch to get native 1080p in Black Flag? Let us know in the comments below.