The Catch-Up: November 22nd, 2013 – PlayStation App Delayed in Europe; LEGO The Hobbit Video Game in 2014?

With the Xbox One launch today, next-gen is now current-gen, PS3 is now last-gen, and socks are now foot-gloves!

General News

  • As an apology for all the issues with Battlefield 4, EA and DICE will be running a Double XP event for the game from November 28th through December 5th. In addition, anyone who plays Battlefield 4 multiplayer on December 5th will get a M1911 pistol scope. This special sidearm scope, previously reserved for our DICE developers, has a 3X zoom and is available for all classes in Battlefield 4. [Source]
  • PlayStation Mobile will launch in the following countries on December 18th, 2013: Belgium, Denmark, Finland, Ireland, Mexico, Netherlands, Norway, Sweden and New Zealand. [Press Release]
  • Infinity Ward has updated the Call of Duty: Ghosts playlists across all platforms by adding Hardcore Domination and forcing game chat in Infected, Search and Destroy, Hardcore Search and Rescue, and Search and Rescue. [Twitter]
  • DC Universe Online was given a new hotfix on PS4 today. [Check out the Changes]
  • Geoff  Keighley has confirmed that there will be a new trailer for The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt at VGX. [Twitter]
  • If a listing in the latest issue of MCV is to be believed, Terraria will release in Europe for the PlayStation Vita on December 4th. [Via]
  • Patch 2.1 for Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn, titled ‘A Realm Awoken’, will be released on December 17th. [Twitter]
  • In case you were curious, The PlayRoom for PS4 was made by Japan Studio, with Double Fine working on a game for it. We can expect DLC for The PlayRoom “soon.” [Twitter 1, 2]
  • Best Buy USA will have a buy 2, get 1 free offer on all of their used games between November 24th and November 27th. [Source]
  • According to a leaked image, LEGO The Hobbit will be coming to most systems in 2014 [Source]:


New Videos

  • The PlayStation App in Europe has been delayed from initial release today because “we’re still making some final tweaks to ensure the experience is butter-smooth.” It will now come out next week [Source]:

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