flOw and Blacklight: Retribution on PS4 Delayed in Europe

November 27, 2013Written by Jason Dunning


Originally scheduled to release with the PlayStation 4 on November 29th in Europe, both flOw and Blacklight: Retribution have suffered delays.

When it comes to flOw, SCEE Blog Manager Fred Dutton said, “It’s delayed ever so slightly. We hope to have it with you next week – I’ll confirm as soon as possible.” As for Blacklight: Retribution, Jawad Ashraf of the EU PlayStation Store Team said, “Blacklight: Retribution won’t hit launch for this part of the world but it will shortly after.”

Fred then added for both games, “Both flOw and Blacklight have been subject to brief delays. They should be with you next week, but I will 100% confirm the date as soon as possible.”

While Blacklight: Retribution is already available in North America, flOw and Escape Plan were supposed to release this Friday in North America. We’ve reached out to Sony to see if that is still the plan and we’ll let you know if we hear anything back.

Were you planning on playing flOw or Blacklight: Retribution when you bought your PS4 this Friday? Let us know in the comments below.