Ask PSLS: Which Game Has Your Favorite Soundtrack, Score, or Track Listing?

Moving away from just focusing on the PlayStation 4, this week’s Ask PSLS goes broader and asks: Which game has your favorite soundtrack, score, or track listing?

Anthony Severino – Illin’ (@Sev_Anthony)

Chrono Trigger and all early Final Fantasy games have the most memorable soundtracks for me. That, and I’ve always been charmed by early NES titles – music from The Legend of Zelda, Metroid, and Super Mario all have stuck with me throughout the years. The single-most memorable track was playing the Moonlight Sonata in Resident Evil on the original PSOne. Sent chills up my spine. I vowed to learn how to play it on the piano, but failed to ever do so.

Cameron Teague – Getting Personal (@Cameron_PSLS)

This to me is a tie between Persona 3 and Persona 4, which both had equally epic in-game soundtracks that fit in beautifully with the theme of the game. I do think P3 had the slightly better opening song with “Burn my Dread”, as I remember popping in for the first game and falling in love the first time it started playing. Another Atlus game comes in a close 2nd behind these two, and that is Catherine, which housed a very similar audio tone to it’s soundtrack.

Chandler Wood – Is That Your Final Fantasy? (@FinchStrife)

A soundtrack or a score can make a mediocre game great, and conversely can ruin what is otherwise a great game. Music is the bind that really ties the rest of the elements together and creates certain emotions within the experience. With that, the Final Fantasy soundtracks (at least up through Final Fantasy X) will always stick with me as the original game soundtracks that I really, really loved. Many of them have beautifully composed, iconic pieces of music that are instantly recognizable. There are more recent video game scores that are better, but in terms of my favorite, these compositions from my earlier years of gaming will always hold the top spot.

Dan Oravasaari – General Lee (@FoolsJoker)

Generally, I don’t pay too much attention to game soundtracks, unless it is a racing title. That is why the only soundtrack that comes to mind is the one for the Burnout series, since it has always been a good way to find some cool bands.

Heath Hindman – Forgotten Beauty (@RPGLand)

The Nier OST!

Not only is it perfect in the game, it’s damn gorgeous outside of it.

Jason Dunning – Shunt! (@Jasonad21)

I’d like to think that this was a close race between the full Rock Band setlist and the amazing music all throughout Final Fantasy X, but I’m actually going to choose Burnout Revenge. At the time I played this on PS2 (and later Xbox 360), the game helped introduce me to a lot of new bands, while also including some songs I really enjoyed from bands I already liked. After looking at the track listing again, I’ve already picked out 10 songs I’m going to go listen to right now!

Russell Ritchey – Oath Maker (@RussellCRitchey)

Chrono Trigger, Final Fantasy‘s various tracks, Persona 3 and 4, and Nier are all great music to listen to. But the Ys series, specifically “To Make an End of Battle” from Ys II and “Valestein Castle” from Ys III/Oath in Felghana; are great pieces. I love that Ys music really pushes the player further during the game. Heck, the Ys Books I & II soundtrack alone has seen a ton of play since the PSP release in my home.

Sebastian Moss – Sound Mind (@SebMoss)

Hell, I’m just happy I can use Music Unlimited on PS4 while playing Resogun or Flower, but as for game soundtracks… Sound Shapes. The music in it is awesome, and the stuff people have come up with is even more epic.

Which game has your favorite soundtrack, score, or track listing? Let everyone know in the comments below.