Telltale Games Explains Why They Chose [SPOILER] as The Walking Dead Season 2’s Main Character

December 10, 2013Written by Jason Dunning



We still don’t have a definitive PlayStation 3 release date for The Walking Dead Season 2 Episode 1: All That Remains (Steam is December 17th and Xbox 360 is December 18th), but we can tell you why Telltale Games chose Clementine to star in the second season, as Writer/Designer/Programmer Mark Darin explained to PC Gamer:

I think choosing Clementine as a protagonist let us really experiment in the way that the gameplay plays out. It lets you experience–like you said, child protagonists are not generally used that often–but it provides us a unique perspective on a world that you’ve already seen. You spent a lot of Season One playing as Lee bringing up Clementine in a way that you think is going to be best for her. Now, putting you in her shoes and seeing how that plays out, that’s something that really resonated with us.

For me, one of the things that is really special about it is that she is not special. She’s just a little girl dealing in this world of paranoid and intense people with zombies running around, and she has only herself to get through it. She isn’t special. She’s not running around with guns. She doesn’t have any magic powers. She’s just doing everything she can to survive, as any one of us would.

Director Dennis Lenart also touched upon how there will be action in Season 2, but because Clementine is so different than Lee, it’s going to be very different. “She can shoot a gun,” he said, “But she’s not running around the world with a bunch of guns just taking out zombies right and left. She’s got to use her environment. She’s got to use everything she has to her advantage. So, the way we’re approaching action sequences in Season 2 is a little bit different. It’s focused on her vulnerabilities and the different strengths that she has, which is very, very different from what Lee brought to Season 1.”

Looking at Season 1 and the 400 Days DLC, Lenart teased that “a thing that happens in both… those events, those choices that you made, they will figure into the story in possibly unexpected ways.”

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