House: PS Vita 2000 is “Selling Very Well” in Japan, Remote Play Resonates Most in Europe


One thing Sony was banking on to help increase PlayStation Vita sales was the PlayStation 4 and how you could play most PS4 games on your Vita through Remote Play. As SCE President Andrew House told CVG, their research has revealed that Remote Play has "resonated most in Europe, ahead of anywhere else."

While Remote Play will likely be popular in Japan, they won't get the PS4 until February. In the meantime, Sony released the PlayStation Vita 2000 there, and looking at some recent Japanese sales charts, the redesigned handheld has given the system a nice boost. As House puts it, "It's selling very well there, and it has certainly increased overall Vita sales – both on hardware and software."

When asked about a possible release of the Vita 2000 in North America or Europe, House only said, "I can't talk about launch plans for the 2000 series at this point."

How well do you think the PS Vita 2000 would sell in North America or Europe? Let us know in the comments below.