Sony on PS3 Games in PlayStation Now: Goal is to Have ” As Much of the Library as We Can”

January 14, 2014Written by Jason Dunning


Just announced last week, PlayStation Now will have a beta in the US by the end of this month. While we have no idea who will be able to gain access to the beta, it will be the first chance for the general public to try out the service and give feedback to Sony.

Although there’s no clues on which titles they’ll be streaming during the beta, or the final release this summer for that matter, we do know Sony is targeting 1st and 3rd party titles. For a little more information on the titles slated for PS Now, SCEA VP of Marketing for Consoles and Handhelds John Koller was interviewed by GamerFitnation:

First of all, we looked at PlayStation 3 games as kind of the tip of the spear for the service because they’re current, there’s still a lot of people that still think of the greatness that came with the PlayStation 3 library, but also there’s so much of it. There’s scale, there’s all different kinds of diverse genres.

So, we have a beta coming up in a couple weeks, and what we’re going to do is look at and test as many different types of games as we can. The goal is: let’s get as much of the library as we can included. There’s a lot of great games… from ’06 to ’09 that are not on retail shelves anymore that people are going to want to play, and they’ll be able to play instantly; either rental or through a subscription.

I think that’s the beauty of this, it’s going to bring back a lot of great games that people may not have ever experienced, or experienced long ago.

Previously, John had talked about how they were aiming to get as many PS3 games as possible from the action, shooter, and sports genres on the service, so his above comment seems to show that they won’t be excluding any genres when it comes to PS Now.

The subject of PlayStation Home possibly having a home on PS4 was also briefly touched upon, with Koller saying, “We actually haven’t talked much about Home; probably a conversation for later, we haven’t said a lot publicly about it lately other than it’s still available. You know, it was really successful for us with PlayStation 3 – PlayStation 3 is still a platform that we’re supporting pretty heavily, so we’ll see.”

Do you think Sony will succeed in their goal of getting as many PS3 titles on PlayStation Now as possible? Let us know in the comments below.