Housemarque on Resogun Coming to PS Vita or PS3: “It Wouldn’t be the Same Resogun”

January 23, 2014Written by Jason Dunning


Currently free to all PlayStation Plus subscribers (that will end soon in Europe), Resogun was a PS4 launch title, but as Mikael Haveri, Head of Self-Publishing at Housemarque, told Eurogamer, “When it was on the drawing board, it wasn’t specifically aimed at the PlayStation 4.”

He went on to explain, “Then there was a transformation, bit by bit, during the process, and through that it became more apparent that we could do these things. Some of those factors that we weren’t sure whether we could bring into the game, it became apparent we could do them [on the PlayStation 4]. There were a lot of opportunities, and it was really cool to see that instead of cutting features we could actually add them.”

Now with Resogun’s PS4 launch behind us, we know the developer is working on DLC for the title, but when the topic of a PS Vita version came up, Haveri wasn’t too positive about it:

Remote Play’s doing really well, and I’m happy with how that’s been implemented. If we were to port the game to Vita, and other platforms like PS3, right now we’d have to implement some limitations in the technology of the game. We haven’t got an official stance on that, but it wouldn’t be the same Resogun on other platforms.

In addition to the Resogun DLC, we also know they’re working on another PS4 game. While Housemarque seemed to confirm it would be Dead Nation 2 last year, Haveri only said, “We did announce it fairly early on last year. We haven’t spoken about it too prominently. But we’ve had these games in development for quite some while. It’s not like a one game deal or a two game deal [with Sony] – it’s more part of an ongoing relationship.”

If Dead Nation 2 were to come to the PS4 though, Haveri said, “Talking from the tech standpoint, PlayStation 4 is the supreme platform for us, and a lot of developers. I think of course that the surface has just been scratched, and there’s a lot of opportunity there.”

Would you like to see a PS Vita or PS3 port of Resogun? Are your fingers crossed for Dead Nation 2 on PS4? Let us know in the comments below.