Sucker Punch: inFamous: Second Son Doesn’t Include Multiplayer

January 27, 2014Written by Jason Dunning


You may remember from The Catch-Up back on Thursday that the PlayStation Japan website listed inFamous: Second Son as supporting online. As it turns out, this is untrue, with Sucker Punch Brand Development Director Ken Schramm telling UDN that there is no multiplayer in the game’s design. Delsin will, however, meet other partners during the game (Schramm didn’t announce any further details), but again, it’s a single player only experience.

Also in the article, it was reiterated that you’ll only be able to use one power at a time. We still don’t know just how many powers there will be, as Sucker Punch has only revealed neon and smoke so far (Sucker Punch’s favorite power isn’t yet announced), and we may have to wait until launch before finding out the rest.

inFamous: Second Son is less than two months away from release on March 21st.

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