Sucker Punch Talks inFamous: Second Son: Swimming, Map Size, PS4 Bundles, Aiming Reticule, More

In little over two months from now, we’ll be able to pick up inFamous: Second Son for the PlayStation 4 on Friday, March 21st (yep, it’s a worldwide release date).

Quietly, the Sucker Punch Twitter account has been posting information about the game; some known, some new. We’ve compiled all the interesting information below from the past month, hopefully letting you know something about Second Son that you didn’t know before:

  • Today, someone asked if we might see a tech video for inFamous: Second Son showing off the engine, physics, and city before release. They teased, “Be careful what you ask for, for you might just get it! That is all :).” With Sucker Punch set to be at GDC 2014 in March for an engine postmortem to discuss “how we utilized compute and the PS4’s GPU to achieve new levels of visual fidelity,” it’s possible we’ll see it then.
  • Wanting to leave some surprises about the powers in Second Son (smoke and neon are known), they did say, “What resource you drain will be the power you have.”
  • When it comes to jackets, you’ll be able to get more by pre-ordering the game, but you’ll also “be able to count on a few more!”
  • Not wanting to give a specific time, your play time with inFamous: Second Son “all depends on how you play it. Remember it’s an open world game, so lots to do than just the straight story missions.”
  • Sucker Punch doing a new IP after inFamous 2 “was on the table too. But, in the end, the opportunity to make a brand new hero, story, powers, etc was exciting!”
  • Sure there’ll be places where walking will occur. But, come on… you can use your powers to go anywhere!”
  • While you can walk, “Trust us… swimming will be the last thing you want to do in our game!”
  • On the subject of a potential PS4 bundle that includes the game: “We are still awaiting news as well on any confirmation of any/all PS4 bundles with Second Son.” Based on some of their other responses, it sounds like it’s likely happening, but nothing’s confirmed yet.
  • After someone asked on January 9th if they’d be able to change the aiming reticule, they replied, “You can ignore that part of the screen action. We are still finalizing aiming, UI, and all that stuff.”
  • For some of the demos, a ‘Drain Smoke/Neon’ indicator would apparently pop up, but Sucker Punch confirmed, “That was thrown in for demo purposes on the floor. You’ll get to play that section in the game but will be different.”
  • The reason we won’t see the CES 2014 demo on the PSN is because “the demo is not self contained. Meaning if we were not present to watch… much more of the game can be accessed & played :).”
  • As for which power is their favorite, they said, “One you all haven’t seen yet Bahahahah :).”
  • Suggesting we won’t hear about any powers past smoke and neon until the game releases, Sucker Punch said, “Of course [there’s more powers], and no we’re not going to you what they are… you’ll have to play the game :)”
  • Here’s the idea behind neon powers: “Power definitely needed to work with the environment. We feel you’ll find precision combat and fast mobility to be pretty fun!”
  • Likely having some fun, it was noted that “who is to say that a racing game is not in our future :).”
  • The North American and European Collector’s Editions aren’t similar due to “different [tastes] for different countries; consumers in U.S. vs. Europe value different premiums. Obviously, 100% will not agree.”
  • Delsin will be able to interact with other humans, “but Cole will not be one of them.”
  • The DUP having stone powers will be a questioned answered when the game releases.
  • They said on January 2nd, “Starting to see the end game. A few more months and long working days to go, but yes its been fun making the game.”
  • The powers in Second Son aren’t connected to the powers in inFamous 2; “All new game… all new hero… all new powers… all new city… all new fun!”
  • The map of Seattle in Second Son is “comparable” to New Marais and Empire City. “We’ve really made an effort to make Seattle a fun city to explore and revel in your powers.”
  • We haven’t announced any specifics regarding collectables and power upgrades, but you can count on them being in the game :).”
  • On December 16th they said, “We have to submit to the ESRB (rating board) soon though… announcement will follow shortly there after.” The previous three games (including Festival of Blood) were rated Teen, so stay tuned to find out what it gets.

What are some powers you’d like to see in inFamous: Second Son? Let us know in the comments below.