Gara: PlayStation Vita UK Sales Increased 163% Following PS4 Launch, In Large Part Thanks to Remote Play

When SCE UK MD Fergal Gara said the PlayStation Vita wouldn’t outsell the PlayStation Portable unless there’s a “very pleasant surprise,” he may have been referring to the PlayStation 4, which positively impacts the PS Vita by way of Remote Play.

Speaking to IGN yesterday, Gara revealed, “There was a 163% uplift in PS Vita sales post PS4 launch.” Not only that, but “a significant number of PS Vita purchasers in the UK indicated that Remote Play was their reason for purchase, and we are subsequently seeing lots of these new PS Vita users connecting to PS4 with this feature.”

Gara still isn’t entirely optimistic about the PlayStation Vita being a huge seller though, saying, “Does it have huge mass-market potential? Probably not. But it does have a place.”

Fergal then explained the audience he sees the PlayStation Vita as having:

It’s got a niche in the market. But it could have a bigger niche in that market. So we’ve taken it younger and cheaper and broader in terms of content over the last year or so.

Where we see it now – and it’s going to sound a little bit schizophrenic – but it has a role for each. For the hardcore gamer, there are still high-quality games as standalone games, but there’s also the relationship with the PlayStation 4. So I think that, in very quick summary, might be what PS Vita might mean to a core gamer.

But for a younger gamer or a more casual gamer, you saw the mega packs – the Disney pack, the first Mega Pack – it had much more of a broader range of titles. Lots more casual, easy access games.

So I think there’s something for – I won’t go far as to say everyone – but there’s a broad spectrum of gamers there with Vita.

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