Gara: Nintendo’s Decline “Could be Detrimental to the Market”

February 4, 2014Written by Jason Dunning


Sony UK MD Fergal Gara’s busy week of talking about how he thinks the PS Vita won’t be able to catch the PSP in sales unless there’s a pleasant surprise, the PS4 outselling the Xbox One 1.5:1, and more also included a brief discussion about Nintendo and their recent woes.

Speaking with TrustedReviews, Gara aired his thoughts on how Nintendo’s problems could negatively affect the entire industry:

[Nintendo’s decline] could be detrimental to the market, unless people like us raise our game and help tap into the younger consumer group that they serve rather well. That is the challenge to us. We need to bring maybe more family-friendly, more casual experiences into the market. I think there’s a big market segment there that we should take the challenge to engage and I see lots of potential to do that.

Gara also offered up even more of his opinion on the PlayStation Vita, where he admitted that the handheld might not have a big audience in the market, but it has its place:

I think Vita has maybe not a huge position in the marketplace, but a very unique position. First of all it’s the only device that offers the same level of control and interaction, it’s the only device to offer the same level of visual beauty, and now it’s the only console to offer that companionship with the leading home games console.

Do you think Nintendo’s decline could have a negative impact across the whole gaming industry? Let us know in the comments below.