Kojima Productions Dev Says Ground Zeroes’ Game Length Issues Have “Been Trumped-Up”

February 5, 2014Written by Jason Dunning


With the March 2014 issue of Game Informer now available, there’s been quite a bit of news to come from it, including the magazine’s report of beating Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes’ main story missions within 2 hours.

Following that, Videogamer has revealed more of the Game Informer issue, where the magazine tells us to think of Ground Zeroes as a “paid, standalone version of the Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty demo that was included with Zone of the Enders on the PlayStation 2.” Adding to that short campaign, Game Informer said, “We completed it in just less than two hours. Konami says internal testers can speed run the main mission in around five minutes. How quickly it takes to complete the main mission and explore the camp is up to the player, but the extra missions give the game a little more replayability.”

The reports of Ground Zeroes being 2 hours long haven’t sent well with Kojima Productions Designer Jordan Amaro, who told GameSpot:

Are Journey and Dear Esther long? [Voltaire’s 18th-century writing Candide] is like a hundred pages at most. Yet they are masterpieces of video game and literature. This smearing will not stain and affect what we’re aiming to achieve with MGS, the game industry in Japan, or video games as a whole.

I want people to celebrate the new MGS like we used to. I’m not dismissing their concerns. But this [issue about the game’s length] has been trumped-up.

For anyone planning to buy Ground Zeroes on PS3 or Xbox 360, it’s $19.99 as a digital download and $29.99 through retail. On PS4 and Xbox One, it’s $29.99 as a digital download and $39.99 through retail. The game releases on March 18th in North America and March 21st in Europe, where you’ll be able to find out just how long the game is yourself.

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