Killzone: Mercenary’s 2 Free Maps Coming in a Few Weeks, Offline Botzone to Follow a Little Later

February 7, 2014Written by Jason Dunning


Giving details on what they’re doing behind the scenes for Killzone: Mercenary right now, Guerrilla Games revealed exactly what patches 1.04 and 1.05 did for the game:

Revisions to Join Game Matchmaking

  • There will now be an auto-retry made on any failure to connect to a game’s host (ultimately, expanding the search space beyond the individual’s given country if a connection can’t be established to any host).
  • We now also temporarily blacklist games containing clients with whom you’ve failed a connection (so that those same games don’t get hit again when you next repeat the search).

Revisions to Party Team Balancing

  • Parties will now always initially be matched onto the same team, with best effort made to match a late joining party member onto the same team. Best effort will also be made to match a player onto the team of the friend he/she joined.
  • Getting people into balanced games and keeping them there continues to be our number 1 for the multiplayer. We monitor all issues reported and welcome the continued feedback.

For the planned 1.06 update to add two new maps and Offline Botzone, it turns out that the maps “are now in final phases of development and should be released within the next few weeks.” There’s a negative side to this, however, as Offline Botzone has been moved to its own update that will be released after the new maps.

We’ll let you know when the next update for Mercenary is available.