TowerFall: Ascension’s PS4 Release Date is March 11th, Gameplay Video Shows Quest Mode

TowerFall: Ascension, the PS4/PC version of TowerFall that appeared on Ouya, has been confirmed for a March 11th release date in North America, though no price was given (it should be either $9.99 or $14.99, based on Ouya prices). For Europe, release date details are still being figured out, but it should be happening shortly after the North American launch.

Described as a “4-player archery combat platformer” and a “competitive party game inspired by classics from the glory days of local multiplayer,” here’s an 8-minute gameplay video (with YouTuber commentary) of Quest mode co-op in TowerFall: Ascension:

What makes Ascension an improvement over the original TowerFall is that it includes 50 new Versus arenas to fight on (there’s 120 in total), new power-ups (including drill arrows that burrow through walls), and new variants to customize your matches with. Also, there’s the new 1 or 2-player co-op Quest mode, which lets you battle monsters as they spawn from portals.

Will you be diving into the local co-op action of TowerFall: Ascension in just a few weeks? Let us know in the comments below.