TowerFall Ascension Comes to PS Vita on December 15 With Cross-Buy, Ad-Hoc Multiplayer

Released on PlayStation 4 in March 2014, and given away through PlayStation Plus in July 2014, TowerFall Ascension is making its way to PlayStation Vita and PlayStation TV on December 15 in North America.

The game itself will cost you $14.99, with the Dark World DLC releasing on the same day for $9.99. Both include cross-buy with the PS4 version, and the developer is planning to add cross-save in a future update.

Developer Matt Thorson talked about multiplayer and more:

PS Vita has undoubtedly become my favorite way to play TowerFall single player. But TowerFall is a local multiplayer game at its heart — designed for you to squeeze onto a couch with your friends to compete on the same screen. On PS Vita, you’ll use ad hoc wireless to fight your friends on other PS Vita systems in the same room. Playing on a handheld feels like a fresh experience, but the familiar joy of local multiplayer remains the same. When your friend impales you to the wall with an arrow and begins bragging loudly, it still stings just as bad. Don’t worry, you’ll get your revenge next round.

Players on PS4 have always shown amazing enthusiasm for TowerFall, and I’m super excited to finally expand our community to PS Vita. TowerFall has been the focus of the last three years of my life, and it has been a wonderful three years. Thank you so much for all your support! As I begin production on my next game, one thing I know for sure is that I can’t wait to share it with all of you.

No word was given on the release date for Europe.

Will you be playing TowerFall Ascension on PS Vita next week?

[Source: PS Blog]