OPM UK: “Series of Massive Significance Finally Being Confirmed for PS4” Next Month

You never know what you’re going to get when a game reveal is teased, especially one with such strong wording behind it. But OPM UK has teased “one of the most exciting” covers in their history, which is set to be revealed next month.

Here’s the full tease from OPM UK (via Reddit):

Next month’s cover is one of the most exciting in OPM history, with a series of massive significance finally being confirmed for PS4. Why is this a down? Because we can’t say anything more until then. Sorry…

It remains to be seen if this will be an exclusive reveal by OPM UK, or if the game will be announced some time in the next month and OPM UK just happens to know about it already, so stay tuned. To see the cover for yourself when the new issue is out, you can subscribe to OPM UK over here.

Also, feel free to leave your guesses as to what you think the reveal will be in the comments below. Personally, I think we might be hearing about a new Arkham game from Rocksteady.