The Last of Us: Left Behind Gets a Behind-the-Scenes Video; New Difficulty Coming to Main Game

Neil Druckmann made it seem like a behind-the-scenes video for The Last of Us: Left Behind would be a few weeks away, but as a pleasant surprise, you can watch it now!

Titled From Dreams – The Making of The Last of Us: Left Behind, this new 9-minute video does contain spoilers for both The Last of Us and The Last of Us: Left Behind, so make sure you’ve beaten those before watching this:

And if you happened to miss it when it was first released, here’s the entire Grounded: The Making of The Last of Us video (again, spoilers):

For the future of The Last of Us, we know that there’s one more multiplayer DLC pack set to release very soon as part of the Season Pass, with Naughty Dog teasing that it will include new maps, new weapons, and new skills. Also included in that DLC pack will be a new difficulty setting for The Last of Us’ main game, though they didn’t mention if it will be harder or easier.

More information on the final Season Pass DLC pack will arrive “as in-game elements near completion.”

Would you want to replay The Last of Us on an ever harder difficulty? Let us know in the comments below.