inFamous: Second Son’s PS4 Digital Download Size From the PlayStation Store Revealed

Having been available for pre-order on the PlayStation Store (US, Canada – includes Cole’s Legacy DLC and more) for some time now, you’ve probably been wondering just how much space inFamous: Second Son will take up on your PS4 HDD when the game launches on Friday, March 21st.

Over on the EU PS Blog today, SCEE Blog Manager Fred Dutton confirmed that the game will have a 24GB file size when you go to download it through the PlayStation Store in Europe. Since the EU versions of games have bigger file sizes due to the extra languages, expect Second Son in North America to take up a bit less than 24GB.

While the North American digital pre-order of Second Son automatically includes the Limited Edition, things will be a little different in Europe when the digital version of the game launches at midnight on March 21st (there won’t be any pre-orders). Pricing hasn’t been announced, but Second Son will be sold by itself, or in a Legacy Edition with the Cole’s Legacy DLC and some vests. If pricing for these two versions is revealed prior to launch, we’ll let you know.

If 24GB sounds familiar to you, that’s also the install size for the retail version of inFamous: Second Son.

How long will it take you to download inFamous: Second Son, assuming you’re buying it from the PlayStation Store? Let us know in the comments below.