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PSLS Reaches Twitter Milestone

After over half a decade of growth, it’s expected that our social media presence would not be without decent size and influence, yet after the day in and day out of providing you, our readers, with PlayStation media coverage, we start to maybe “lose track” of our true progress in some corners of the internet. After all, it’s never been the numbers that pushed us to do what we do. It’s the chance to provide you with unique and quality content that prods us forward.

Twitter is one social media service that we, along with any other major online video games news publication, dedicated ourselves to in order to get the word out to our continually growing audience. It’s a quick, easy way to broadcast and notify our fans in a bite-size fashion, and we’ve seen that it works; that statement is proven true because today, March 10th, 2014 marks the day we passed twenty thousand followers!

Earlier today, hearing the number “twenty thousand” had a bit of a humbling effect, yet is also a source of pride, because not only does that make the staff feel very respected and cared for by our readers, it reassures us of your trust in our ability to take care of you. It helps us to solidify our place as the most-visited independent PlayStation site in the world, and drives us into the future with renewed vigor.

As we reflect on how we got to where we are, on this day in 2014, we want to pause for a good long moment and thank you, our daily readers, commenters and community members, for continually coming back and trusting us as your source for everything PlayStation. Without you, we’d be probably still be reading Game Informer in GameStop wishing we could write about games one day.

As yet another busy day here at PSLS is ending, we’d like to take the time to excitedly urge you to check out our budding community that is taking root in the PlayStation LifeStyle Forums. If you haven’t joined, we wholeheartedly recommend you do. Our existing members and involved staff are always seeking new faces and good, fun discussion.

If you are a member of other popular social media outlets and wish to find us there and/or help us spread the word about PSLS, we are on Facebook and Google+. We look forward to connecting with you! Thanks for taking us to where we are today! We’re by gamers and for gamers.

See you on the flip side.

Your PSLS Staff