Sucker Punch: The Original Idea for inFamous was Like Animal Crossing

March 13, 2014Written by Jason Dunning


Before the original inFamous became the open-world action adventure title you played on PS3, Sucker Punch’s original idea was kind of like Animal Crossing, “but you were a super hero,” as studio Co-Founder Chris Zimmerman told GameSpot.

Pointing to Animal Crossing’s social features, Zimmerman added, “All kinds of crazy stuff like that. We worked on that for about a year in that direction. So much more stylized, much more cartoony than what you end up seeing. We worked hard to see if we could make that work.”

inFamous 1 actually went through a few other prototypes prior to the final design, with one including the main character fighting a gang of purple gorillas who were stealing balloons. Clearly, “it really wasn’t coming together,” leading them to then work on the version of inFamous we received in 2009.

As a word of caution: There does seem to be some early copies of inFamous: Second Son floating around in the wild (SCEA even took down a YouTube video showing off the first 20 minutes), so you might want to be cautious when searching around the internet as spoilers may start showing up soon.