Infamous: Second Son Lead Designer Jaime Griesemer Leaves Sucker Punch

There are only a few more days remaining until Infamous: Second Son finally hits store shelves. However, it seems that Jamie Griesemer, the game’s lead designer, has left Sucker Punch. In a tweet today,  he said:

@GiantGodzilla Thanks. I’m excited for people to get their hands on it. And yes, I have left SP. Not really talking about it yet, tho.

The first ‘it’ is in reference to Infamous: Second Son while the rest of the tweet is in response to a question about whether or not he has left Sucker Punch as noted in his resume. A Sony spokesperson got in contact with IGN to confirm this matter saying:

We can confirm that Jaime Griesemer is no longer at Sucker Punch Productions. We are grateful for all the tremendous work he put into Infamous Second Son, and we wish him the best in his next endeavors.

Prior to working at Sucker Punch, Griesemer worked at Bungie for 12 years and contributed to the Halo franchise. He joined Sucker Punch back in 2011 to work on the Festival of Blood expansion followed by the upcoming Infamous: Second Son.

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