PS4 Firmware Update 1.70 Detailed: Includes HDCP Off Option & More

Following the PS4’s 1.62 firmware update yesterday (it didn’t really do much), PlayStation has decided to give us a sneak peek at what will be coming in firmware update 1.70, which is expected to launch in the next few weeks.

By taking player feedback, “these features and additions will help make your PS4 even more socially connected by further enabling you to customize your most epic gaming moments and granting even more options to show them to your friends,” as you can read about below:

  • 1.70 will add the option to turn HDCP off, allowing you to capture gameplay via HDMI.
  • The update will also add a rich video editor with a simple tool to personalize your video clips, and you’ll also be able to export to and save the videos and screenshots you create to a USB drive by pressing the SHARE button.
  • More details on 1.70 are expected soon, with PlayStation saying, “There will be plenty in the update to excite everyone.”

A separate update (presumably after 1.70), will also add the following:

  • The ability for TWitch broadcasts to be archived.
  • Twitch and Ustream broadcasts will also have a higher resolution of 720p.

We’ll let you know more details about the upcoming PS4 firmware updates as they arrive.

Are you excited for HDMI gameplay capture coming soon to PS4? Let us know in the comments below.

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