PS4 Firmware Update 1.62 Out Now, is Optional (Update)

Update: The US PlayStation website has updated to say firmware update 1.62 also included the following: “Image quality for some applications has been improved.”

Original Story: Taking up 336MB, firmware update 1.62 for the PlayStation 4 is now available to download. Instead of bringing along any new features or anything like that, this optional update “brings system stability fixes,” with this singular patch note listed on the official PlayStation website:

  • Operation quality during use of some applications has been improved.

SuperFastZombie revealed that, even though system stability is included in the update, it’s optional “because the changes are minor and wont affect interactions with PSN or other systems.” Past that information, there wasn’t much else talked about when it comes to 1.62, or when we might see other promised PS4 features like MP3 support either.

If you’re looking to download update 1.62 through the internet with a USB stick, follow these links to the UK and US PlayStation sites to get the process started.

Have you noticed any improvements after installing 1.62? Let everyone know in the comments below.


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