Scrapped DriveClub VR Support Gave Shuhei Yoshida Motion Sickness

March 20, 2014Written by Jason Dunning


When the original delay for DriveClub happened, and also when Scott Rohde suggested it had been delayed even further, some rumors began to pop up that maybe Sony had decided to push back Evolution Studios’ racing title to add VR support.

Clearing up those rumors is Shuhei Yoshida, President of Sony Worldwide Studios, who told GameSpot:

There’s a rumor about the reason of the pushback of DriveClub was to make it Morpheus compatible… that’s totally untrue.

In fact, Evolution Studios had previously made a VR-compatible version of DriveClub at one point, and when Shuhei tried it, he said it worked well at low speeds, but began getting motion sickness at higher speeds. “It’s kind of difficult and sickening,” he said about racing at faster speeds.

Shuhei then added that Evolution Studios isn’t working on Project Morpheus right now, with “all the effort” from the developers put towards finishing the game.

If DriveClub gave Shuhei motion sickness, are you worried about how other driving games may work with VR support? Let us know in the comments below.