Shuhei: PS4’s VR Headset, Project Morpheus, Won’t Launch in 2014

March 20, 2014Written by Jason Dunning


We still don’t know quite when Project Morpheus will actually launch to the public, but Shuhei Yoshida revealed to GameSpot that it won’t be out in 2014, saying, “Yes. That we can say comfortably because we are still making changes to the hardware.” The PS4’s VR headset has gone through many prototypes over the years, and the model they’re showing off right now at GDC is also a prototype, with Sony committed to further improving it to deliver a sense of “presence.”

When it comes to the price, Shuhei Yoshida made it clear yesterday that they aren’t talking about the final product just yet, though he did confirm the price will be under $1,000, which would make it cheaper than Sony’s head-mounted display unit – something the company makes money on every unit sold. As Shuhei said, the head-mounted display unit’s $1,000 cost “doesn’t necessarily indicate the pricing that we’re gonna have” for Project Morpheus.

How much do you think Project Morpheus will cost once it’s finally released? How much would you pay? Let us know in the comments below.