Report: Titanfall 2 Won’t be Exclusive to Xbox/PC

We’re only a short while removed from the launch of Titanfall on Xbox One and PC (the Xbox 360 version was recently delayed until April), but talk of Titanfall 2 has already popped up.

Sources from both Polygon and GameSpot (the one from GameSpot is a “reputable source”) tell them that EA has secured rights to Titanfall 2, following a successful partnership between EA and developer Respawn Entertainment with the first game. As you’d expect, EA replied to this report by saying, “We do not comment on rumor or speculation. Right now all our focus is on supporting all the fans worldwide enjoying Titanfall.”

The most interesting part of the report is that Titanfall 2 won’t be a Microsoft exclusive (Xbox 360, Xbox One, PC), and would also come to other platforms. EA and Respawn have said that only the first Titanfall would be a Microsoft exclusive, so there’s a good chance this report is correct.

With Titanfall having just come out, it could be a while before we hear anything about Titanfall 2, but this report at least gives us hope that it might come to the PS3 and/or PS4.