Watch Dogs’ Exclusive PS3 & PS4 Content Revealed, Shown off in New Video

Ubisoft gave out a bunch of details regarding the PS3 and PS4 exclusive content for Watch Dogs, which adds an extra 60 minutes of gameplay by way of four extra missions, along with a hacking boost and White Hat Hacker outfit.

To see the White Hat Hacker outfit in action, check out this new video:

When Watch Dogs releases on May 27th, the PlayStation-exclusive content will be downloadable with a DLC code included with the game. Here’s the full written rundown of all the bonuses you receive on PlayStation:

Four Exclusive Missions

  • After Aiden gets tangled up with notorious hacker group DedSec, he’ll receive a message from some members who need his help. Aiden will take on the security network of Umeni Technologies and, using his brains and brawn, deliver payback for DedSec. These missions will deliver 60 minute of gameplay, and will provide even more insight into the mysterious group of hackers who are on the front lines of the fight freedom and security.

Hacking Boost

  • Upon completion of these missions, players will receive bonus tech points.

White Hat Hacker Outfit

  • Also unlocked upon completion of the four missions.

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