Multiplayer in God of War: Ascension was a “Huge Risk”; Sony Feels it Paid Off

After detailing the celebrations for God of War: Ascension’s multiplayer crossing the 1 year mark, Sony Santa Monica Community Strategist Aaron Kaufman replied to some comments on the PS Blog yesterday. In one of them, he looked back at adding multiplayer to a God of War game and how the team feels about it:

We took a huge risk and time investment in Ascension Multiplayer, and we confidently feel it paid off. Looking back one year later, sustaining online play and support for one year in the face of many, many multiplayer heavyweights… this is 100% due to our passionate community of Champions, like you, as I said in my blog. So thank YOU.

As for the 3D in God of War: Ascension that never made it into the final version, Kaufman said, “Unfortunately it was dropped permanently for development reasons.”

Kaufman also replied to someone who asked about PlayStation All-Stars: Battle Royale, saying, “We have a massive patch coming very, very soon.” Once that patch is released, we’ll let you know exactly what it does.

Next up for the God of War franchise is the release of the God of War Collection on PlayStation Vita in May.

Do you think adding multiplayer to God of War paid off in Ascension? Let us know in the comments below.